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4KC Harvester 601
AICA # M884904

Sire: Raile 2250 T077
Dam: Sapphira 17415 (LT Rio Bravo 3181)


Schrader’s Herdsman 306A
AICA # M832953

Sire: LT Ledger
Dam: Schrader’s Gloria 011 (SLS Ringo)


Schrader’s Medicine Man 309A
AICA # M832954

Sire: DR Revelation 467
Dam: Schrader’s Ms Duke 001 (Oakdale Duke)


Hart 333Y
Purebred Simmental | Reg# 2609982

Sire: RC Club King  0404R
Dam: LRS Stainless 48N


Schrader's Edge 8246 ET

Sire: LT Western Edge
Dam: Nora

Owned with Doll Charolais - New Salem, ND


MR NLC Protean T7806

Sire: Ellingson Legacy M229
Dam: Plainview Lassie F175 (Plainview New Day C7)

Owned with Kim Klotz - ETR Simmentals



SFG May Be Time T122
Simmental Sire

Sire: In Dew Time
Dam: Nichols Legacy



Schrader's Edge 8111 ET
AICA # EM759083  |   B.D. 2-15-08

Sire: LT Western Edge 4057
Dam: SLS Nora 304

Thank you to the Clawson family for purchasing 8111 at the 2009 National Western Stock Show in Denver!

Owned with The Clawson Family, Satanta, KS



HRC Motion 5014 PLD
AICA # M711422

Sire: Schurrtop HCR Rancher
Dam: Miss HCR Reflection 1160



EC SB McCallister 129 ET
AICA # M616790

Sire: RC Budsmydad 225 Polled
Dam: Miss EC Duke 452-D

Sold to Schnuelle Charolais


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