TR Ms Fame 8712F

M&M Outsider x TR Ms Wyoming Wind

Schrader's Pearl 7115E

T Rushmore x TR Ms Rhinestone 4564
Bred and Owned by Weston Schrader

HOC B Mine B401

Sire: JSSC Wide Body 090W
Dam: HOC Queen B

Schrader's Ms Solution 3206A

AICA # F1184399

Sire: DCR Mr Solution W13
Dam: SB Rita 8218
**AICA Sterling Dam of Distinction**

Schrader's Miss Gloria 011

AICA # F1122193

Sire: SLS Ringo 501
Dam: SLS Tasha 701 (WCR Sir Tradition 066 x SLS Nelly 305)

SLS Nora 304

AICA # F976966

Sire: LT Wyoming Wind 4020
Dam: SLS Laci's Impression (PF Impressed 620 x BBB Blaster)

Schrader's Miss Bailey 0225 ET

AICA # EF1132567

Sire: LT Rio Bravo
Dam: SLS Nora

Schrader's Miss Dolly 992

AICA # EF1107567

Sire: KC Design 4246
Dam: SLS Nora 304

SLS Tasha 701

AICA # F1068494

Sire: WCR Sir Tradition 066
Dam: SLS Nelly 305